Who Shot Mick Carter? 'EastEnders' Fans Share Convincing Theory After Aidan's Heist Goes Wrong

‘EastEnders’ fans were left distraught when it appeared Mick Carter was shot at the end of the New Year’s Day episode, but fans have shared a convincing theory about the circumstances surrounding it. 

Many are certain that returnee Mel Owen (Tamzin Outhwaite) is the real brains behind Aidan Maguire’s botched robbery. 

Mick Carter was shot after the robbery went wrong

The 1 January episode saw the heist plot take centre stage, as Aidan and his team of Phil, Mick, Vincent and Keanu staged a robbery, intercepting a van being driven by men with guns to steal money from them. 

However, it went wrong when Mick (Danny Dyer) was shot by one of the men in the closing moments, and it seemed he knew the gunman. 

The credits revealed the character was called Callum ‘Halfway’ Highway, who Mick had actually received a text from earlier in the day. 

And while little is known about him yet, many are convinced he may have something to do with Mel, who is set to reappear in Walford next week, especially as the drivers said they were working for a woman. 

There’s also been speculation the robbery wasn’t actually genuine, and was all part of a wider plan by Aidan, hence why he was the only one not wearing a mask. 

More details about the botched heist and Mick’s fate will be revealed in Tuesday’s episode, while Mel makes her reappearance on Thursday 11 January. 

In an interview with HuffPost UK last month, Tamzin admitted Mel is back for “a very serious reason”, saying: “I can tell you she’s back, but she doesn’t want to be back.

“She’s back for a reason, it’s a very serious reason and she needs to get into that Square and do what she needs to do, and get out again.  

“Unfortunately, it takes longer than she expects.” 

Fans are convinced Mel has something to do with the heist

She continued: “She definitely visits Ian, she definitely visits Phil. She bumps into a few old faces… Sharon. But really the story doesn’t revolve around those people, the reason she’s back doesn’t revolve around them at all.” 

Tamzin was last seen on Albert Square in April 2002, when Mel fled Walford after her husband Steve (Martin Kemp) was killed in a car crash at the hands of Phil.

Steve’s web of deceit and lies were soon uncovered, and Mel found herself facing a long stretch in prison as she was unknowingly implicated his drug dealing. However, viewers have never known what happened to the character.

It has also been confirmed Mel and Steve’s son would also arrive on the Square in the coming weeks. 

Now 15, Hunter Owen will be played by newcomer Charlie Winter, and is described as “charming and charismatic” just like his father, but while it appears he shares Steve’s good traits, a dark side has also been teased.  

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