Watch Andrew Garfield's Surreal Quest in 'Under the Silver Lake' Trailer

Andrew Garfield’s search for a missing woman devolves into a surreal journey throughout Los Angeles’ mysterious locales in the debut trailer for Under the Silver Lake.

The clip opens with Garfield’s protagonist, Sam, gazing out his window at Sarah (Riley Keough), a bubbly neighbor swimming in the apartment pool. He is in love with her, but when he knocks on her door the next day, he realizes she’s moved out without telling him.

“Who moves out in the middle of the night?” Sam asks his landlord. “Nothing strange about it,” he replies. She wanted to leave. How does that not make sense? … Maybe she didn’t like you. Maybe she knows you’re poor and haven’t paid your rent.”

Sam, determined to unravel the mystery of Sarah’s disappearance, rummages through her apartment and discovers an eerie symbol on the wall that he interprets as secret code. He consults with his conspiracy theorist friend (Patrick Fischler), who encourages him to pursue the truth: “Our world is filled with codes, sublime messages – from Silver Lake to the Hollywood Hills.”

From there, Sam launches his neo-noir crusade filled with dog killers, aspiring actors, songwriters, sex workers and menacing billionaires. Topher Grace, Laura-Leigh and Zosia Mamet also appear in the crime-thriller, which hits select theaters on June 22nd. Writer-director David Robert Mitchell previously helmed the acclaimed 2014 psychological horror film, It Follows

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