Tom Allen to host The Great British Joke-Off panel show

Thursday 25th May 2017, 8:00pm

Stand-up comedian Tom Allen is to host The Great British Joke-Off, a panel show pilot described as “a celebration of gags, puns and the art of joke telling”.

The show’s producers explain: “The Great British Joke-Off is a new panel show which strips away all the boring stuff like answering questions or learning facts and focuses on what really matters – the jokes!

“This show is a celebration of gags, puns and the art of joke telling. Host Tom Allen expertly marshals the action over several hilarious rounds, squeezing all the funny stuff he can out of top comedy talent.”

Tom Allen has appeared as an actor and comedian in a number of TV and radio comedy shows, most recently appearing on Just A Minute and Tonight At The London Palladium (pictured). He is due to perform at the Edinburgh Festival this August before heading off on his debut UK solo tour.

The pilot episode of The Great British Joke-Off will also feature Mock The Week‘s Hugh Dennis, one-liner comedian Milton Jones and stand-ups Ed Gamble and Angela Barnes.

Advertising for a studio audience, the producers add: “Our panel of jokers can’t do all the work! We need you – the audience – to come armed with your favourite joke because you never know when Tom will turn to you for a gag.”

The run-through will take place at The London Studios in the afternoon of Wednesday 31st May. Tickets

It’s not yet been announced which broadcaster is behind the pilot, but further details are expected to be revealed in due course.

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