This Fun Trick Will Make Your Conversations More Playful And Witty

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Have you ever wished you were more clever and witty?

How many times has this happened to you:

You’re at a bookshop or a cafe and you see someone you want to chat to. You want to make a great first impression by saying something witty and funny, but all you can think to say are the usual boring conversation starters:

“How are you?” “Do you like books?” “How’s your coffee?”

Or even worse, you go to say something funny and instead your mind goes completely blank. You can’t think of a single clever thing to say!

So you end up not saying anything at all. You walk back to your table and burry your face in your book instead. Sigh…

You say to yourself…I guess it’s just something you’re born with. You’re either witty or you’re not, and I’m not…

Well we have good news for you…you’re wrong! You CAN learn how to be witty! Have no fear! Your Charisma Coach is here!

In this video, Marcus shows you an exercise that will help sharpen your mind so you can finally come up with witty playful comments and observations on the spot, and say goodbye to that blank mind and those boring conversations forever!

Watch Marcus and Richard use the technique in field to interact with real strangers in a bookshop. You’ll see firsthand just how easy it is to start having more fun and playful conversations.

AT LAST there’s an actual method and practice for becoming more witty! Don’t wait. Watch the video and start developing your wittiness right now!