The Jeremy Corbyn Christmas Single Is Coming

“I’m voting Jeremy Corbyn,

“I’m voting Jeremy C,

“I like his ideas, they’re fair and they’re clear,

“Jezza and me we agree.

“We’re all for peace and justice,

“And anti-austerity,

“We’re voting Jeremy Corbyn,

“J C for PM for me.”

So goes the teaser trailer for ‘JC 4 PM 4 ME’, a new Christmas single about… you guessed it, Jeremy Corbyn.

There are two things you need to know about it – firstly, it’s catchier than the annual office Christmas cold.

Secondly, all the money raised is being donated to the Trussell Trust.

Here’s some feedback from a few Twitter folk.

 As yet there are no solid details on a release date.

 Well, at least it’s not ‘Ukip Calypso’.

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