Student Receives Hilarious Note From Neighbours After She Complains About Their Loud Sex

Noisy neighbours are terrible. Noisy neighbours who keep you awake having sex are even worse. 

Poor Jenna Levine, a student at Syracuse University in New York, found herself unable to sleep because of the passionate moans and groans of the couple next door.  

But rather than just bang on the wall, Levine decided to write her neighbours a note, posting a picture of the letter to Twitter. 

“Hello neighbour, please have sex a little more quietly please,” she wrote. 

“Some of us are trying to nap and not be reminded how alone I am… feel free to make all the love you want. Just please, make it nasty and at a lower volume. Thank you!”

Jenna Levine

Levine was forced to send her neighbours a note after their kinky antics kept her up all night

For most of us, such a bold move would result in resentment and awkward looks in the lift. 

But the student’s neighbours responded with their own hilarious note and a bar of chocolate to apologise for their noisy love-making.  

Jenna Levine

The student quickly received a message back from her neighbours 

“Dearest neighbours, I’m so so incredibly sorry about that,” the letter read. 

“I didn’t realise how loud I was being, and ya know, sometimes having loud sex is low key kinda hot but obviously at your cost, which I apologise so sincerely for.

“I’m so so sorry, I hope this hasn’t occurred too often, and thanks so much for the incredible and hilarious card. I will for sure try to make it naked at a significantly lower level.”

The couple even offered single Levine some dating advice. 

Jenna Levine

The couple even sent their young neighbour a bar of chocolate as an apology

“And hey, don’t you worry, you’re not alone forever. The right person will come along when the time comes. I was single for 18 years. Haha.

“Once again, I apologise so sincerely and deeply sorry, Room 338.”  

Since posting the notes to social media with the message “College is weird”, the student has received more than 47,000 retweets and 116,000 likes.

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