Steve Pemberton joins Jack Whitehall's Bounty Hunters

Monday 18th February 2019, 12:29pm

Steve Pemberton is to star as a villain in the second series of Sky One‘s comedy thriller Bounty Hunters.

The League Of Gentlemen actor will play Colin McQueen, a history teacher at Eton College whose interests lie more in the ‘specialist’ end of the antiques market. This interest had previously brought Colin into contact with Nigel Walker (Robert Lindsay). Now, with the freewheeling Nigel dead, Colin wants to get his hands on that final, elusive piece of art and Nigel’s son, Barnaby, might be the man to help him.

The second series of Bounty Hunters, which will again star Jack Whitehall and Rosie Perez, has been written by Whitehall and Freddy Syborn.

Steve Pemberton says: “It was a thrill to be asked by Jack and Freddy to play a sinister private-school teacher with an unhealthy interest in Nazi memorabilia – frankly they had me at ‘sinister’ – and it proved a peach of a role which I devoured (apart from the stone, that would be unhealthy).”

The new five-part series is due to start on Sky One and NOW TV on Wednesday 13th March.

Below is the trailer:

The first series of Bounty Hunters, which launched in 2017 to an audience of 1.38 million, became Sky One‘s biggest sitcom launch for six years. The series – which is available on catch-up via Sky On Demand and NOW TV – ended with Barnaby and Nina restraining gangster Angel (Christian Ochoa) and abducting him, whilst Barnaby’s sister Leah Walker (Charity Wakefield), ended up in her own predicament as she found herself locked up in a Mexican prison.

Talking about the new episodes, Freddy Syborn and Jack Whitehall say: “We are thrilled to be given an opportunity to delve deeper into the characters we had such fun with in Series 1. The second series of Bounty Hunters allows us to build on the characters and also gives the audience a glimpse into other storylines.”

Series 2 of Bounty Hunters was filmed in Spain and the UK last year. Steve Pemberton is currently filming Series 5 of Inside No. 9, the comedy anthology series he creates with Reece Shearsmith. The Inside No. 9 Series 5 guest stars were revealed today.

This story was updated on 28th February, as the start date was changed from the 14th to 13th March

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