Selena Quintanilla Is Newest Inductee at Texas Women's Hall of Fame

AP Photo/Houston Chronicle, John Everett

What a year it’s been for Selena Quintanilla

The late Tejano singer and four other outstanding women were inducted into the Texas Women’s Hall of Fame. 

She received the honor in recognition of her achievements and her contributions to Texas and the arts. Selena’s sister, Suzette Quintanilla, assisted the ceremony and accepted on her behalf. 

“I had to take notes for this one, because I’m a little nervous, believe it or not. I’m used to being the drummer on the back and not in the front,” Suzette said jokingly.

“My sister once said that the goal isn’t to love forever, but to create something that will. Today is a testament to those words. I stand up here today with so many emotions and all of these beautiful memories in my heart that I would love to share with you guys but that would take a long time,” she said as she held back the tears. “As you all know Selena was such a unique person who embodied so much for being so young. Selena was a very kind and caring person that had an infectious smile and laughter.”

The late singer’s older sister was moved to tears and took a second to gather her thoughts before saying, “I told myself I wasn’t going to cry.” 

“She was a person that had an inner beauty that matched her outer beauty. She was an artist who had this amazing ability to captivate you with her voice and draw you in with whatever song she was singing. I am forever grateful to be a part of this powerful legacy that she’s left behind and which is why we’re here 21 years later. I do feel very proud in knowing that there is a new generation who has embraced her and look up to her especially in our Latino community because there are very few that I feel people in our generation can connect to,” she said. 

Suzette concluded her speech by saying that her sister would have been ecstatic to accept such an honor.

Already a Grammy winner and owner of a clothing line and a boutique-salon, Selena was shot and killed by the founder of her first fan club on March 31, 1995. She was 23. The Texas-born singer was a pioneer for many artists as she seamlessly crossed over from the Spanish market and into the English market. Shortly after her death, the star’s story was brought to life in the biopicSelena starring Jennifer Lopez.

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