Queen's Speech 2017: Jeremy Corbyn And Theresa May's Walk Looked Absolutely Excruciating

Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn’s meeting during the State Opening of Parliament looked absolutely toe-curling, as the pair had to walk side by side to go and hear the Queen’s Speech.

STEFAN WERMUTH via Getty Images

Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May look like they both want the ground to swallow them up as they enter the House of Lords

The prime minister and the Labour leader endured what felt like the world’s longest walk as they exited the Commons for the House of Lords to hear the monarch.

The pair retained as much distance between them as the corridors of the Palace of Westminster would allow.

And while Boris Johnson and Emily Thornberry appeared to be having a lovely chinwag, the party leaders exchanged only a terse few words.

The neutral BBC left it to its viewers to decide what the body language meant.

But the awkwardness did not escape those watching.

HuffPost UK’s politics executive editor Paul Waugh also noticed this little gem:

We asked people to suggest what they thought the PM might have said…

We’ve yet to see any professional lipreaders comment on the clip.

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