Pokemon Go Battery Test: iPhone 6S Plus v Galaxy S7 Edge v HTC 10 v LG G5 v Nexus 6P v OnePlus 3

Chances are when going outside you’ll bump into someone playing Pokemon Go or bump into someone while perfecting your pokeball throw.

The main issue for everyone playing the game, not including the constant disconnections from the servers, is battery life. We’ve taken the best smart phones and tested how long they last with Pokemon Go running in the background.

Taking the phones you picked from our previous battery test we have the iPhone 6S Plus, Galaxy S7 Edge, HTC 10, LG G5, Nexus 6P and the OnePlus 3.

1. All phones on full brightness
2. All phones connected to same Wi-Fi
3. Battery saving wasn’t meddled with out of the box – if it was automatic, it would have turned on, if not then left manual
4. No other background apps open – from restart
5. All as old as the phones are – so iPhone 6S Plus is the oldest. But all are review devices, so all have been used a roughly as long as each other.
6. GPS and wifi turned on.

Keep your suggestions coming for future smartphone tests!