Jeremy Corbyn Leads Hilarious Reactions Of Utter Shock To George Osborne Being Announced As London Evening Standard Editor

The moment the London Evening Standard’s owner revealed the newspaper’s new editor was former Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne – the UK went into overdrive.

Was it fake news? How could this even be real? But as the announcement from Evgeny Lebedev’s verified Twitter account arrived in a stream that wasn’t quickly deleted, people realised the news was indeed real.

Here are 12 Tweets that sum up the absolute shock over the bizarre news the Tory MP for Tatton (in the north of England) is indeed the new editor of London’s only evening newspaper.

1) Labour MP Jess Phillips summed up the expression on most faces across the country 

2) Looks like the feeling in the London Evening Standard office was similar

3) No, it’s not all in our heads

4) Jeremy Corbyn = Not impressed

5) No Andrew Neil, not even fake news

6) Even the Downing Street spokesman was apparently speechless

7) And we thought Noel Fielding to The Great British Bake Off was weird

8) Many couldn’t resist pointing out George Osborne’s journalistic career so far

9) Here’s the Wikipedia evidence

10) So anyone can do any job, right?

11) Even Osborne’s former roles


12) And like everything should be this week, it was brought back to the best story of the week again

Does that mean BBC Dad’s daughter Marion Kelly is the new MP for Tatton?

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