How To Start a Business On A Budget Quick – In 60 Seconds (ish)!!

Videos on starting businesses can be long, dull and make you want to slam your head against a brick wall. So I’ve attempted to explain how to start a business on a low budget, in around 60 seconds.

Business is easy, once you have a method on how to do it. I’ve used the same method to get up and running with my businesses in the past. Here’s the key steps that I talk about in the video.

1. Have an idea – ideally something that you’re passionate about
2. Find something unique about your idea that will have you stand out
3. Check out your competition and refine your idea based on what you could do differently from your competition
4. Plan a website
5. Go to Theme Forest and choose a website template. I recommend Divi because it’s easy to use and it’s important for you to have control over your website
6. Hire a freelancer from to build your site, using the template and your notes. You’ll also need a hosting package too.
7. Find a Google Adwords voucher, watch tutorials on ‘how to do Adwords’ and then start using it.

PLEASE NOTE – I’ve only worked in the service sector before (businesses that offer a service) so if you’re selling products, this isn’t going to be the video for you.

Here’s a link to my book which goes into a lot more details about this method. I’ve put it on a free promotion following this video, so it should be free for 5 days after this video goes live.

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