How Not To Create A Sitcom – Writing, & Production Tips

In this video I talk about a sitcom pilot that I created in 2010. It was a pile of rubbish, completely underdeveloped, badly acted and the script was not worth it’s weight in the cheap paper that I printed it on.

Problem number one is that from beginning to end the whole project took three months (that’s from me writing the script to producing the pilot). A sitcom needs time plenty of development time before anything is produced.

Problem number 2 is that the sitcom was shot over one weekend only. This drastically limited what we could do with the shots.

Problem 3 is that the script was sooooo bad and not funny. At the time I sent the script to a few people and ignored the feedback that I received.

Problem 4 is that I tried to make a ‘UK version of Curb Your Enthusiasm. There was nothing unique about the show.

I decided to make a video about it so writers/producers can learn from my mistakes, as I made many with this project.

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