'Geoffrey Boycott Has My Tupperware' And 5 Other Unlikely Quotes From Theresa May's Interview On Test Match Special

Prime Minister Theresa May made an appearance on BBC radio’s Test Match Special and it was nothing short of bizarre.

Among all the cricket talk with show host Jonathan Agnew, there were several head scratching comments that came out of the PM’s mouth.

1. “Geoffrey Boycott has still got my Tupperware”

May revealed that former England cricketer and commentator Geoffrey Boycott is still in possession of some of her Tupperware.

May said the last time she paid a visit to the studio she brought some handmade chocolate brownies with her (as she did this time, baked from a Nigel Slater recipe no less). But after handing them to Boycott to give to the team, that was the last she ever saw of her container.

2. “I don’t think I’m in the least robotic”

During the general election campaign, May’s rehearsed responses earned her the unfavourable nickname, the Maybot, which the PM said “frustrated” her.

When asked if she thinks it’s fair, May replied: “I don’t think I’m in the least robotic.”

3. “I wasn’t in Tony Blair’s garden in 2005”

The pair discussed the England men’s 2005 Ashes win, where the team took a drunken trip to Number 10 to celebrate in then-leader Tony Blair’s office and garden.

May revealed that she was not, in fact, in Blair’s garden at the time, but at the Trafalgar Square celebrations seeing the tiny Ashes trophy.

4. ”[Boycott] just stuck in there and got on with the job.”

May said that she admired Boycott because he “stuck in there and got the job done” which could be seen as a thinly veiled comparison to her current situation in the wake of the general election result.

Agnew also asked whether May thought her tactics in politics were like a “Boycott defensive block” – aka, a bit dull – to which she replied “well, it worked for Geoffrey”.

5. “I believe that Donald Trump will take the decisions that are right for security and safety around the world.”

After being grilled on how to deal with Donald Trump and whether she feared the situation with North Korea and its missiles, May insisted that she believes the US President will “take the decisions that are right for security and safety around the world”.

She also described her and Trump’s hand-holding moment as “a genuine moment of assistance”.

6. “That’s not answer evasion. That’s just giving a different answer from the one the interviewer wants.”

When asked by Agnew whether “answer evasion is the number one on the list” at PMQs, the PM insisted there is a difference between not answering the question at all and not answering the question in the way someone wants.

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