Frankie Boyle investigates Russia in new TV specials

Tuesday 1st May 2018, 11:38am

  • Frankie Boyle has filmed two hour-long TV specials in which he travels around Russia before the World Cup
  • His adventures include meeting hooligans, recording a rap song and looking at a Soviet ‘drunk tank’
  • Frankie Goes To Russia will be shown on BBC Two shortly

BBC Two is to screen two hour-long TV specials in which Frankie Boyle investigates Russia ahead of the controversial country hosting the World Cup.

The BBC says: “The 2018 football World Cup is about to kick off against a backdrop of spy poisoning, alleged state-sponsored doping, threats of ultra-football hooliganism and perhaps the worst relations between Russia and the West since the Cold War.

“In Frankie Goes To Russia, comedian Frankie Boyle is heading to Russia before the tournament begins to go behind the stereotypes and half-truths of Russian football and culture with his trademark provocative humour.

“Over two hour-long programmes, Frankie will visit several of the host cities to see what awaits the thousands of British fans expected to make the trip to the World Cup this summer. He’ll discover the Soviet drunk tanks brought out of retirement for unruly fans and learn how to put on a full body chemical warfare suit and face-mask at a World Cup volunteer induction.

“Frankie heads to the sleepy seaside town preparing to host the England team, and visits a city twinned with Glasgow, that is renowned for its football violence.

“Wanting to find out how much football really means to people in Russia, Frankie risks life and limb with a daredevil motorbike football team, records a world cup rap with a hip hop artist and learns how to inflict serious bodily harm with some sabre wielding Cossacks who will be policing the World Cup stadiums.”

Frankie Goes To Russia will be shown on BBC Two shortly.

Boyle is also due to film another series of his topical BBC Two format Frankie Boyle’s New World Order soon. It will start on the channel this May.

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