Emma Roberts and Evan Peters Caught Kissing and She's Wearing a Ring on That Finger: Is Their Engagement Back On?


Holidays have a certain way of bringing people together. 

Emma Roberts and Evan Peters spent their Thanksgiving weekend in Provincetown, Massachusetts, and as recent photos shared by TMZ of the on-again, off-again couple prove, love was certainly in the air! Speculation that Emma and Evan have rekindled their romance sparked when the pair was spotted kissing during a daytime outing in New England.

Since then, multiple sources tell Us Weekly the American Horror Story co-stars are indeed engaged again, and that Roberts wears her engagement ring while at work. Neither stars have commented publicly on their relationship status, save for a few social media inklings.

The Scream Queens actress tagged Peters’ Instagram handle in a Turkey Day post where she’s wearing a ring not unlike the one she received from her then-fiancé back in 2013. Evan, on the other hand, recently shared a snapshot of Emma captioned, “This girl.”

Emma and Evan started dating in 2012 after meeting on the set of indie movie Adult World. News broke that the lovebirds went their separate ways in June 2015, but as an insider told E! News, the two were “seeing each other again” less than three months later. Then in May of this year, they reportedly broke up for a second time.

In a post-breakup, pre-rekindling Allure interview, Roberts revealed that she replaced her diamond sparkler with three gold rings as a reminder to “always love yourself, and always know what you’re worth.” 

And from the looks of it, Emma isn’t sporting a single gold ring these days!

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