Donald Trump Looks Exceptionally Uncomfortable Hugging Narendra Modi

Donald Trump got up close and personal with the Indian prime minister on Monday and we can’t help but wince slightly at their meeting.

After speaking in the White House’s Rose Garden, Trump went in for a handshake.

Bit Narendra Modi had other ideas, it seems…

He told the US president: “I deeply appreciate your strong commitment to the enhancement of our bilateral relations.

“I am sure that under your leadership a mutually beneficial strategic partnership will gain new strength, new positivity, and will reach new heights.”

He also praised Trump’s “vast and successful experience in the business world” and “great leadership”.

The Donald has received a number of world leaders at the White House and his greetings have become rather infamous – particularly when they involve a handshake.

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau won the handshake battle

While Tajikistan’s president, Emomali Rahmon, also rose to the challenge…

Japanese PM Shinzo Abe had less success

And then there was this awkward exchange with Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu…

Basically, find someone who wants to hug you as much as Narendra Modi wants to hug Trump.

SAUL LOEB via Getty Images


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