Danny Dyer's 'shout out to the Duchess!' – the Olivier awards' best quotes

Laura Wade (best new comedy, Home, I’m Darling): “To my wonderful, amazing partner Sam West. We first met each other at the Olivier awards many years ago so I guess this is, in a weird way, happy anniversary!”

Botis Seva (best new dance production, Blkdog): “Thank you to my son. I love you, my son, but please stop waking me up early.”

Akram Khan (outstanding achievement in dance, Xenos): “When I dance I suddenly feel a sense of hope … Without action, there’s no hope. So let’s keep moving, resisting and fighting for what we must preserve – our sense of a collective humanity.”

Ashley Shaw with Botis Seva, winner of the best new dance production for Blkdog. Photograph: David M Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images

Monica Dolan (best supporting actress, All About Eve): “Thank you to my family for giving me the power to say no and yes to the right things for me.”

Igor (production manager, accepting award on stage for Bunny Christie, best set design, Company): “This is a stark reminder of why I chose a career backstage. Bunny is in New York … She has asked me to take this bullet for her. It was either this or Countryfile. I’m recording Countryfile.”

Monica Dolan

Monica Dolan Photograph: Eamonn M McCormack/Getty Images

Danny Dyer (presenting award): “Shout out to the Duchess [of Cornwall] up there. No Charlie tonight I see. I’ll pop up and see you later.”

Kyle Soller (best actor, The Inheritance): “This play would not have existed without a debt of sacrifice. To the people that died during the Aids epidemic. So to those that were lost, to those that continue to fight in a world where you can still be stoned to death for loving who you love, thank you.”

Jason Manford (host): “A beautiful performance from The King and I. Or if you went to a normal school … Me and the King.”

Marianne Elliott (best musical revival, Company): “I want to thank Stephen Sondheim who was so open to allowing us to meddle with this piece and who believes that theatre can change and evolve and should be of – and for – the times.”

Patti LuPone (best supporting actress in a musical, Company): “I think actors are only as good as their directors. I have been extremely fortunate to work with Marianne Elliott who directed [like] a detective, an investigator.”

Sharon D Clarke (best actress in a musical, Caroline, Or Change): “For my mum and dad who are no longer with us … Caroline’s strength, dignity and love comes from my mum … To every mother who is out there doing the best for her child.”

Matthew Bourne (special award): “I’m just an East End boy who had great parents who took him to the London theatre as a young man – always in the cheapest seats at the top of the theatre but that mattered not one bit.”

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