'Coronation Street' Spoilers: Aidan Connor Actor Shayne Ward Confirms He's Leaving

Shayne Ward has spoken out about his decision to bow out of ‘Coronation Street’.

On Thursday (30 November), various media outlets claimed that Shayne would be leaving ‘Corrie’ in 2018, three years after joining the soap as Aidan Connor, with sources claiming his exit storyline had already been planned.

A representative for Shayne has now confirmed to HuffPost UK that he will be bidding farewell to ‘Corrie’ in 2018, going on to explain his decision to quit.

They told us: “Shayne will be in the soap until next summer. He has loved every minute of the last three years and made some great friends however he felt like it was time for the next adventure.”

A spokesperson for ‘Coronation Street’ declined to comment when approached by HuffPost UK.

‘Coronation Street’ marked Shayne’s first foray into television acting when he first appeared on screen in August 2015, having previously starred in a theatre production of ‘Rock Of Ages’ years on from his victory in the second series of ‘The X Factor’.

Shayne’s portrayal of Aidan Connor has gone down a treat with fans, and he previously picked up the Best Newcomer prizes at both the Inside Soap and National Television Awards.

His character has since gone on to become involved in a number of key storylines, most infamously his love triangle between Eva Price and Maria Connor.

Other big names from the ‘Corrie’ cast saying ta-ra to t’cobbles in the near future include Debbie Rush, who plays Anna Windass, and Todd Grimshaw actor Bruno Langley, following his conviction for sexual assault earlier this month.

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