BBC launches interactive comedy drama on Amazon Alexa

Monday 6th November 2017, 9:49am

  • The BBC has launched an experimental interactive comedy drama called The Inspection Chamber
  • Users play the fourth character in the story by answering questions using their voice
  • The game is available to download now via Amazon Alexa’s Skill Store

Users can play an active role in a new experimental comedy drama from the BBC. The Corporation has developed an ‘interactive voice experience’ called The Inspection Chamber, which is available to download now for Amazon’s voice activated assistant Alexa.

The BBC explains: “Available for Amazon Alexa from today and coming to other platforms in the future, the user plays an active role as the fourth character in a story inspired by video games like The Stanley Parable and Papa Sangre and by authors like Franz Kafka and Douglas Adams.

“The experience begins with a computer called ‘Dave’ explaining that a pair of scientists will soon be inspecting you to try and identify what kind of creature you are. The answers you give during the inspection shape the direction of the story, influencing the plot and propelling you toward one of a variety of potential endings.”

Developed by BBC Research & Development in collaboration with production company Rosina Sound, the project follows on from director-general Tony Hall‘s comments that “voice is going to be a key way we interact with media, search for content, and find what we want.”

BBC R&D have created a story engine from scratch for The Inspection Chamber, modelled on the type of engines used in video games. This enables the user to give a wide range of answers, and for the story to mould itself around those responses accordingly. The engine will enable BBC R&D to bring the story to more voice devices, experiment with other voice concepts and allow BBC producers to explore the technology too.

George Wright, head of Internet Research and Future Services for BBC R&D, says: “The Inspection Chamber is an experimental first step using this emerging medium. It enables listeners to take part and interact in a way they never have before. They’re not just a listener any more – they have an active role in the story, playing the fourth character in a radio play which puts them in the heart of the action. This collaboration between the BBC’s R&D department and a new audio independent company is something we’re all excited by.”

The Inspection Chamber is available from today via the Alexa Skill Store.

Below is a video showing BBC employees playing the game:

An interview with Henry Cooke, the producer of The Inspection Chamber, can be found on BBC Taster (Click the ‘Inside Story’ tab)

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