Apple’s cheaper, faster iPad: Is it enough to make you care? (The 3:59, Ep. 197)

Apple quietly releases a new iPad, a special edition Red iPhone 7, and a new video editing app. We break it down for you. Good morning from CNET NY Studios while we record the daily news-bite podcast: The 3:59. Hangout while we cover a multitude of stories from around the tech world and then Roger Cheng and Alfred Ng will take your questions and comments in the chat.

New iPad:
iPhone Red:

PSA – 3:59 EPISODE 200: We celebrate by allowing the loyal fans to live out one dedicated viewer’s year long fantasy… long story short, user ‘Christian’ has commented dozens of times that he “wants to punch Roger Cheng in the face”. Well, now you have a chance to creatively interpret this sentiment! Take this photo of Roger –

– and show us your appreciation for him — in whichever way you want. Print it out for a video, make an animation, photoshop… any stretch of the imagination! Then send your submissions along to before Friday 3/24/17 and we’ll pick our favorites to feature on Monday 3/27!

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