9 Fun & Amusing Apps For Your Smartphone

9 Fun & Amusing Apps For Your Smartphone

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We take our smartphones everywhere we go so when we’re in need of that quick laugh or to eat up some spare minutes on the daily commute, breaktime in the office, or during the advert break of your favourite show, our handy devices are always on hand. We check out nine apps for your Android and iOS devices that are perfect for brightening up your day through laughter.


This app has been around for ages and is still one of the most popular for a laugh. There’s loads of new stuff added all the time so it never runs out of amusing stuff (mainly memes as well as short videos and plain images) which, if your funny bone is tickled, is likely to become a favourite for those wanting something amusing to look at on their smartphone. Serving a streamlined version of 9gag’s web-based content, the app is targeted at adults and offers its content via various categories such as NSFW (not safe for work), Meme, WTF, Cute, Geeky, Comic, and Girl. Users upvote favourites while trending topics and popular content appears in sections including “Hot” and “Fresh”.


Simply open the app and gain quick delights via the countless images, funny videos, GIFs, and comics available. Once you’ve had the app for a while you’ll notice a few repeats so it’s one to enjoy for a short time, leave for a bit, and come back to. But there’s definitely laughs to be had here. There’s a good range of humour available, with a lot of different types of comedy to make it ideal for a variety of user tastes. And it’s easy to use. The videos feed is a notable feature: a quick and easy way to scroll through funny vids for amusing entertainment.


If you love memes then you’re going to love Memedroid. You can even create your own memes. Boasting a community of meme-lovers, GIF-creators and all things “funny”, Memedroid is a one-stop shop for currently popular memes, emerging trends and “best ofs” while allowing users to tap into their imaginations to generate original content. Changing day-to-day, the app stays current, driven by the viral nature of topics, so there’s always new things to see. Using the app is simple enough: browse by latest memes or check out the most popular and upvote the ones you like by tapping the happy face. A great “time-killer” on the daily commute or an office break, the app is free for a limited time but for most, it’s worth the fee when your complimentary period runs out.


A simple but funny (and long-running) app featuring one-off comics drawn with casual, uncomplicated flair, the web series originally created by Randall Munroe offers jokes about life, love, pop culture as well as tech, maths and programming via its cast of stick figures. With comic book characters now all the rage – thanks in no small part to Marvel’s rise to Hollywood dominance, the growth of online webcomics like the popular Atomic Robo and Least I Could Do, and smartphone comic book readers like Comics by Comixology – it’s little wonder the app continues to draw in new fans. If you’re in the mood for more, MadeFire takes the concept to another level with its so-called “motion comics” or have a gamble on comic-inspired casino games like Jack Hammer 2 and Playtech’s Man of Steel (especially if you take advantage of the countless bonus offers and free spins listed on Oddschecker).

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Voice Changer with Effects

You’d think Voice Changer with Effects would grow old very quickly but it doesn’t. You’ll have a play around with this for a few minutes and get addicted. Then you’ll invite your friends to have a try and the laughs get louder. A relatively simple-to-use app, it accesses the device’s microphone to record your voice and apply various effects to change its appearance (think Snapchat image filters for your vocal chords). Effects include Helium, Robot, Space Mutant, Deep Voice, Dragon, and Backwards. Interestingly, you can create an image accompanied by sound or create a voice by inputting text. You can also record and share the voices you create and import voices from other sources to apply effects to.

Texts From Last Night

It might cost $1 but it’s worth it. Endlessly entertaining text messages that may or may not be genuine examples of highly amusing interactions between smartphone users offer more than a chuckle or two. You can even submit your own funny text messages to the app for other users to see. If you’re not interested in spending a dollar, or want to find out what you can access via the app, the website is free to browse. Texts From Last Night, otherwise known as TFLN, was started by two friends in 2009 who saw the funny side of odd, amusing, sometimes random, often tawdry, text messages, believing a single text out of context with the conversation is even funnier. If the success of TFNL tells us anything, it’s that its creators were right about that.


Androidify will unleash your creative side while tickling your funny bone. It’s basically an app to create avatars with an android theme. You can share what you create as emoticons, animated GIFs or pictures alongside funny text. And your creations are also publicly available in the library alongside other user-generated androids. Add clothes, accessories, hairstyles and colours to your avatar alongside more specific alterations such as adding hats, handbags, sunglasses, dresses, coats, skin tone, weight and height. Produced in conjunction with the creators of the popular Battle for Mars and the exciting home screen replacement app SlideScreen, Androidify takes a little more effort to see its funny side but the rewards are more satisfying, especially if you’re happy to poke fun at yourself.


Ready to look old? No, me neither but that’s what makes AgingBooth so fun. It’s an amusing look into the future as you upload your photo then let the app work its magic to turn your youth into old age. Made by the same people who brought us BaldBooth, FatBooth, MixBooth, BoothStache and UglyBooth, the app might have a short shelf life but it’s fun while you’re still new to it. The ability to input photos of celebrities adds further entertainment while you can publish your creations on social media if you’re feeling brave enough.

18,000 Jokes

Fancy a classic joke. Well, 18,000 Jokes, as the name suggests, will satisfy your thirst for classic humour. Handily categorised across 49 themes including animal jokes, computer jokes and dirty jokes, with a further customisable feature allowing you to search of short, medium or long jokes one-linersliners to funny stories), the app is a goldmine of comedy. An intelligent rating button also always the app to suggest jokes that are in line with your tastes. You can send favourite jokes to your social media channels on Facebook and Twitter or email them to family and friends. There’s also Top Jokes of the Day and week if you’re stuck for a category to choose. You can also use the app without an internet connection as its library is stored locally – helpful if you’re offline or watching your data use.

Most of the time, our smartphones are always nearby. That’s why they’re a great source of comedy and laughter through the various apps you’re sure to get addicted to. From creating imaginative avatars, aging your selfies, and playing around with the sound of your voice to more traditional humour in the form of web comics, funny stories, memes and GIFs, embarrassing text messages and classic jokes, there’s an abundance of apps out there for all tastes. Whether you’re an Android or iOS user, these great apps are sure to brighten up your day with laughter.